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we found love in a hopeless place


Did you ever notice how in the Bible, when ever God needed to punish someone, or make an example, or whenever God needed a killing, he sent an angel? Did you ever wonder what a creature like that must be like? A whole existence spent praising your God, but always with one wing dipped in blood. Would you ever really want to see an angel?

                                                                                          - The Prophecy


"Or should I call you the King Who Lost the North, Your Grace?"

Game of Thrones meme: two ships [1/2]

↳ Jaime & Brienne

make me choose
anonymous asked: destiel or sabriel


I have those two favourite characters from two of my favourite shows, so I made a thing


"Do you like bananas?"
“A little bit.”

omg yes, we found the banana pajama girls!!! my friend and I were right behind you in the photo op line. that was an awesome moment. please share the story behind the idea for bananas?

There’s no place like home.

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i came, i saw, i conquered

A broken man with a broken soul

You’re not a grunt, Dean, you’re a genius. When it comes to lore…you’re the best damn hunter I’ve ever seen. Better than me, better than dad. I believe in you, Dean, so please, please, believe in me too.